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Making Your Bedroom a Sleep Oasis

Woman sleeping peacefully in her bedroom.
Photo: Adene Sanchez/iStock

Unwinding can be hard when your room isn’t set up for relaxation. In this article we’ll give you three tips for making your room into a relaxation zone.

Dim the lights.

Bright lights, including light from TVs and phones, stimulate your brain similar to the way sunlight does. This makes it close to impossible to really unwind when there is lots of light in your bedroom.

Instead of turning lots of lights on in your bedroom, try keeping the room at a dim light level. Of course, if you’re reading or journaling you’ll want enough light to see clearly. Just avoid bright lights.

Keep it quiet.

Loud or disruptive noises are also stimulating. Try to keep things quiet while you’re unwinding. If you like background noise, try a white noise machine, relaxing music, or nature tracks. They’re usually soft enough to help you relax without disrupting your relaxation.

Turn down the temperature.

Most people sleep better at cooler room temperatures. In fact, warm temperatures can make it harder for you to get drowsy (imagine trying to take a nap on a hot summer day!)

In fact, the sleep cycle includes a period when your body temperature lowers. This is why a warm bath or shower can help you unwind - your body temperature rises during your bath and lowers as you get out and prepare for bed.

Take some time tonight to make your bedroom a sleep oasis and see how well you sleep! Need some more sleep tips? The TOVI app is here to help. Download the TOVI app today. It's free!


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