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How to Connect and Show You Care

Grandmother connecting with her granddaughter over video chat
Photo: Maria Symchych-Navrotska/iStock

Human connection can make a world of difference when you’re dealing with stress, but sometimes technology leaves people trapped in the world of texting and emails.

Here are a few ways you can increase your contact with the people in your life and show them that you really care.

1. Choose a phone call or video chat

Text and email are great if you can’t see someone in person, but actually getting to chat with friends and family is a much more powerful form of communication.

By calling or video chatting with someone, you’re showing them that you’re willing to take the time out of your day for them. Plus, it’s way easier to communicate when you can hear someone’s voice, instead of relying on them to read a message you sent them and interpret it.

2. Have a family dinner

Family dinners (with no distractions allowed!) can help you connect with the people in your life.

You don’t just have to invite blood relatives, either. Family dinner is open to anyone in your circle that you want to spend time connecting with, whether they’re a friend or family member.

3. Put the phone away

You might not realize how distracted you are when you have your phone on the table or check a text when someone is talking with you.

In reality, nothing shows you care about another person than really focusing on them. That means putting your cell phone and other technology away when you’re spending time with someone.

4. Check-in on them too

It can be easy to get caught up in your own stress when you’re talking with someone, but don’t forget to ask about them and their lives.

You never know what someone else has going on. Just asking what they have going on can be really meaningful to them.

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