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Finding Your Rhythm with TOVI

Woman smiling because her life is in rhythm
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The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted women’s lives. Research shows that since the pandemic began, women have:

  • been more likely to postpone their careers than men

  • taken on the majority of homeschooling responsibilities within households

  • struggled with mental and physical health problems like isolation, stress, and weight gain.

When the TOVI team began to look beyond the studies and speak with women in the community, one common thread emerged - they all felt like they lost their rhythm and were:

  • Feeling isolated

  • Out of their normal routine

  • Having trouble finding joy

  • Struggling to stay healthy

  • Having trouble sleeping

  • Unproductive or disorganized

The other thing we learned, not just from interviewing others, but from our own experiences? Once you’re out of rhythm, it’s hard to find a way back.

Luckily, there are ways for you to find your rhythm again, and TOVI’s team of experts have put this process within reach. With TOVI by your side, you can begin with these four elements.

Find your rhythm with the TOVI app

Building a routine

Routines provide much-needed structure and balance to our lives. They can help you feel safe and in control of your life. But, when they are disrupted, you can be left feeling lost and out of control.

Breaking your routine is easy, as most people have seen in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, and building a new routine doesn’t happen overnight. The good news is that building a routine doesn’t require big changes all at once. Small adjustments can build up over time, leading to meaningful change and, ultimately, to a routine that works for you.

This is where TOVI’s experts come into play, specifically our behavior change expert, Dr. Maya D’Eon, Ph.D., Health Psychologist. Behavior change science is a scientifically-backed way to make lifestyle changes stick. Behavior change techniques have been incorporated into TOVI to help you create a healthy and productive routine.

Connecting with a community

Humans are social creatures meant to engage with and learn from others. The pandemic, however, has led many people to feel isolated.

A community helps you feel engaged and connected and can also be a valuable source of support and accountability when making changes in your life.

With so many people lacking connection to a community, the TOVI community was built to provide a place for people to connect: with health experts that help guide them and other TOVI users who can help give support and insight.

Finding knowledge and insight

When it comes to living a balanced life in rhythm, there is so much to learn. What is self-care? How can I manage my sleep? What foods should I eat? How do I build a routine? No one has all the answers, but there is also so much information online to sort through and understand.

TOVI’s health experts have created and curated articles, advice, videos, and news, so that a wealth of trustworthy, useful information is always available. The idea is to put information within reach so that you can learn and grow at your own pace, with information you can trust.

Stepping back and having fun

This may be listed last, but it is not the least important by any stretch. In a world with so much hardship and stress, everyone needs a break to recharge. This doesn’t mean taking a week of vacation, though that would be nice! Instead, recharging can include little acts like watching something funny or doing something you love.

In the long run, regularly taking time to recharge can bring you balance, more energy, and less stress.

Having even a moment of fun each day can help you recharge, but it can be hard to find that, especially on social media. TOVI offers a feed of feel-good content for you to scroll through. It’s all been reviewed by the TOVI team, so anything gloomy or uninspiring is filtered out, bringing you only the best and brightest.

Infographic explaining how to find your rhythm with TOVI

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