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Find What's Missing From Your Sleep Routine

Woman reading and relaxing with tea before bedtime.
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Not sure what to add to your sleep routine? In this article, we’ll give you a few things to give a try working into your sleep routine including deep breathing, stretching, setting nighttime cut-off for screens, and listening to calming music.

If you worry about what's coming your way tomorrow...

Try deep breathing or meditation.

Each of these activities can help you relax and refocus on the present moment, which is great for letting go of stress and preparing for sleep.

If you don't feel tired...

Try taking a warm bath, drinking herbal tea, or stretching.

Sometimes you need to give your body and mind some time to slow down and prepare for sleep. These activities can help your body release tension and enter a more relaxed state. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling drowsy.

TOVI Tip: Check your tea closely for caffeine before drinking it close to bedtime. Chamomile or ginger tea is a great option that doesn’t include any caffeine.

If you're used to screen time before bed...

Try setting your phone up to enter “night mode” after a certain time or set a nighttime cut-off for screens.

Cutting back on blue light is crucial for unwinding and preparing for sleep. Most phones have a night mode that changes the tint on your phone to reduce blue light exposure.

The best option, however, is to turn off all screens 30 minutes before bed. This will give you enough time to come down from the effects of blue light before you try to get to bed.

If you can't fall asleep...

Try listening to music or meditating.

If you just can’t get yourself to sleep, it helps to release pressure from yourself to fall asleep. Listening to music and meditating can help you unwind and allow your mind to disconnect from thoughts that might prevent you from falling asleep.

If it’s been 20 minutes and you still haven’t fallen asleep, try getting out of bed and going to a quiet and cozy spot in your house. Try not to start any activities, such as reading or turning on the light. Instead, focus on breathing and being in silence. Then come back to bed once you start to feel drowsy again. This will help keep you from associating your bed with being restless.

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