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4 Signs You're Out of Rhythm

women looking out window feeling like she's lost her rhythm
Photo: PIKSEL/iStock

Feeling like you’re in a funk but not quite sure what’s going on? If you’re like most people, you know that feeling when something isn’t quite right, but there are some specific signs you can look for to see if you’ve lost your rhythm.

Sign 1: You don't have a routine or aren't happy with your current one.

Routines ground us and help create balance and structure in our lives. When you don’t have a clear routine or your routine no longer suits your life, you can end up feeling out of rhythm.

Sign 2: You’re not getting the insight you need.

There is so much to learn when it comes to finding your rhythm and living a balanced life. What is self-care? How can I manage my sleep? What foods should I eat? How do I build a routine? Even if you have the best intentions, you can end up totally lost and confused when trying to figure out what to trust.

Sign 3: You feel disconnected from others.

Connection is fundamental to being human. It helps you feel engaged and supported, especially when times are tough. On the other hand, feeling isolated from others can impact your mental health, like increasing anxiety.

Sign 4: You aren't spending enough time having fun!

When you’re not taking time to have fun, you can end up feeling worn down and burned out. Taking time to relax and have a laugh is a powerful way to “recharge” your emotional batteries and manage stress.

These four signs can indicate you might be a bit out of rhythm, but there are ways for you to find your rhythm again! TOVI’s team of experts have put this process within reach. With TOVI by your side, you can begin to find your rhythm again.

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