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4 Easy Swaps to Make Fast Food Better for You

woman getting fast food
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Sometimes you really don’t have any other option but to get fast food, whether it’s because you’re too busy or everything else is closed.

Regardless of the reason, there are still things you can do to make your fast food meal better for you.

1. Instead of soda, choose unsweetened iced tea.

As long as it hasn’t been sweetened, iced tea has none of the sugar or calories of soda that can cause negative health impacts.

If iced tea is off the table, diet sodas are better than regular sodas, but still not ideal.

2. Instead of french fries, try a salad or fruit.

Most fast food restaurants carry some kind of salad or fruit option you can swap out for fries. Because fries have been cooked in oil, they’re full of extra calories and unhealthy fats, making a side salad or fruit a much healthier option.

3. Instead of beef or fried chicken, try a grilled chicken or vegetarian option.

Beef is high in saturated fats and fried chicken has been cooked in oil, increasing its fat content. Instead, opt for a grilled chicken or vegetarian option. They’re generally lower in unhealthy fats and better for your body.

4. Skip making it a double or upgrading your sizes.

If they ask, avoid upgrading your meal to a larger size. Fast food is usually high enough in calories on its own. By increasing the size of your meal, you’re just adding unnecessary food to your plate.

Instead, eat your meal and if you still feel hungry, opt for a healthy dessert, like fruit or yogurt.

The Takeaway

Don't feel bad for choosing fast food. Instead, try to make the most out of the situation by making healthy choices. Every little change counts! Remember, most restaurants now have nutritional information to help guide your choices and portion sizes.

To learn more about healthy eating and put what you learn into practice, download the TOVI app today. It's free!

An infographic explaining 4 easy swaps to make fast food better for you.


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